Jeff Cavins’ Great Adventure Bible Tour

Have you booked your dinner tickets yet? There is still plenty of space!

Consider gathering a group of friends and fill up a table of 12 so you can save $240 per table. The Dinner is at the Epping Club, starting at 7pm on Friday May 3rd.

All the details are up on the website and Facebook page for the whole tour. Jeff will be in Perth, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Please pray for the success of this tour.

Jeff is in Perth from April 26 to 27, then Melbourne from the 28th to the 30th. He will then be in Sydney from the 1st to 4th May followed by a quick trip in Brisbane on the 5th, then finally a return to Sydney on May 6 and 7 before flying to Manila on the 8th.

It should be a blessed experience!

Esto Vir is now available!

We had the book launch this month with Fr Paul Chandler, the author of Esto Vir, which is latin for ‘Be a man’.

Father Chandler did his doctorate on the topic and this book is based off his thesis. It has extensive research on the identity of men especially from a theological perspective.

The rate of practising Catholic men is less than half of women. Our men are losing faith and Fr Chandler has some practical tips on how to re-engage men to take their faith seriously. He looks at what voices in the culture to listen to and what voices you should not listen to.

I highly recommend this book – not only for men – but for women as well, as they will learn a theological overview of God’s plan for humanity and how men and women are complimentary.

Father Chandler began his tour on Tuesday April 2nd, giving a short presentation to our bible study group at Our Lady of Fatima in Kingsgrove. The next morning he was a guest on the ‘Parousia Hour’ radio show on the Voice of Charity.

We then had some meet and greet opportunities at the Cardinal Newman Bookshop in St Mary’s who now stock the book and at The Mustard Seed Bookshop. The main book launch was a talk to over 40 men in the Croatian Catholic Church in Summer Hill. It was a great group and the talk was very well received.

Finally we had an interview with the Catholic Weekly discussing the book, with an article coming out soon. The book is now available both as a paperback and as an e-Book.

Jeff & Emily Cavins’ First Australian Tour!

Later this month we will welcome for the first time, Jeff and Emily Cavins, for a national tour. It is called the Great Adventure Bible tour and a range of events have been organised.

There are individual talks as well as teacher seminars, conferences and workshops. Jeff is the creator of the famous Bible Timeline system which is igniting hearts across the country.

If you have ever wanted to learn how best to read the bible, I can’t recommend this tour highly enough. There are a range of free and paid events and there are still plenty of spots available.

Please do yourself and your friends a favour and make sure you get to at least one of Jeff’s talks!

The Guardians Talks

Also this month, the regular Guardians talks have been happening.

Father Christopher Sharah gave a talk earlier on the details of the Passion of Christ, while just recently Robert Haddad spoke on the topic ‘Why the Cross?” which was very well received. Over 100 young adults have been consistently turning up at these events and we are excited to be assisting with this vibrant faith formation group for 2019.

If you would like help with organising speakers at your parish, please get in touch with us and use the speakers tab to review which speakers you would like to host.

Another speaker who recently visited was Dr Peter Kwasniewski who is a Catholic theologian and philosopher, composer of sacred music, writer, blogger, editor, publisher, and public speaker. We were fortunate enough to film some short clips of Dr Kwasniewski and to record his talks. To find out more about him, visit


As usual so much has been on and things are only getting started.

There are some exciting announcements that will be made at the dinner on May 3rd and our next newsletter will have the details. Please be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel where we upload new videos almost every day. Please also like our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram for the latest updates.

Please pray for our mission and get involved in some capacity. We are always looking for assistance in any way possible. Your time, talent or treasure are all welcome.

Thanks for your support!

God Bless you and your family.

Charbel Raish – Director

CD of the Month: Stations of the Cross

Drawing on his numerous pilgrimages to the Holy Land (over 100 and counting), Steve Ray brings his unique energy and enthusiasm to this meditation on the Stations of the Cross. A very unusual and inspiring talk in which you feel you are there as Jesus is condemned to death, scourged, forced to carry his cross, and crucified on Calvary.

The Activated Disciple: Taking Your Faith to the Next Level – Jeff Cavins (Paperback)

The Activated Disciple teaches you how to imitate God, so you can become an instrument for him to transform the world.

If you yearn for a life that moves beyond believing and practicing, if you yearn to become an “activated” disciple, then this book is for you. The foundation of discipleship is imitation.

The World, The Flesh, The Devil: Are You Ready For Battle? – Fr John Rizzo – Guardians (DVD)

In this presentation, Fr Rizzo speaks about the vices which can lead us to sin and how to best avoid them.

He covers various aspects of this topic, including:

• The great peace that comes with the sacrament of confession

• That saints were also sinners, but by God’s grace they were able to become great witnesses of the faith

• We are made for eternity – not for the things of this world which do not last.

Esto Vir – Fr Paul W. Chandler (Paperback)

“Esto Vir, is Latin for ‘be a man’ and I suggest this is the central task of a man’s life. It seems obvious, doesn’t it? Yet the obvious is not always so clear. Nor is it easy.

We live in a time when, at least in the western world, there is increasing suspiciousness and distrust of boys and men. As I offer you this book, I am convinced that for the mental and spiritual welfare of men, we must know what is our calling as men.

Catholic Bytes: A Crash Course – EWTN Miniseries (DVD)

There is no doubt St. Thomas Aquinas believed in God. And as one of history’s most influential philosophers and theologians, he was able to masterfully craft logical arguments to prove God’s existence once and for all.

In this 6-part miniseries, Cecilia O’Reilly walks us through St. Thomas Aquinas’ complex reasoning, using clever metaphors and simple animations. Put on your thinking cap and enjoy these quick takes on St. Thomas’ arguments for the existence of God on Catholic Bytes – Crash Course.

The Great Adventure Storybook – Emily Cavins, Lisa Bromschwig, Regina Neville, Linda Wandrei

The Great Adventure Storybook helps students, children, and families read through the Bible together using the same color-coding and chronological approach as the adult Great Adventure Bible Timeline.

This beautifully illustrated resource introduces God’s love story to children while helping them to understand how the Catholic Church is the body of Christ on Earth—and shows them what part they play in God’s plan. Build a foundation of faith with your family today!


I’m Not Being Fed: Discovering the Food that Satisfies the Soul

Date: 7.00 pm Friday 26 April
Venue: Our Lady of the Mission
270 Camberwarra Drive CRAIGIE

The Greatest Story Ever Told

Date: 9.00 am Saturday 27 April
Venue: Mater Christi
340 Yangebup Road YANGEBUP

The Activated Disciple: Taking Your Faith to the Next Level

Date: 9.00 am Saturday 27 April
Venue: St Vincents
114 Parmelia Avenue PARMELIA

Cost: $20 – $50



Date: Sunday 5th May 2019
Time: 12pm to 5 pm
Venue: St. James Catholic Church, 165 Old Cleveland Rd, Coorparoo QLD
Cost: Free, donations are welcome to help cover costs.
Sonny 0421 437 752
Janine 0404 610 364
Ross 0408 781 929


‘The Activated Disciple’ Talk
Date: Sunday 28 April 2019
Time: 7.00pm (immediately after the 6.00pm Mass)
Venue: St Agatha’s Catholic Church, 129 Sladen Street, Cranbourne, Victoria
Cost: FREE!
Enquiries: St Agatha’s Parish
Phone: (03) 5996 1985.


The Great Adventure Conference
Date: Friday 3rd May

Teacher’s Professional Day & Family Educator’s Day
9am – 3pm

Parousia Media Fundraising Dinner
Date: Saturday 4th May

The Bible in a Day Seminar
9am – 5pm

Cost: $120

Venue: Epping Club, 45-57 Rawson Street, Epping
Enquiries: (02) 9651 0375


‘Unlocking the Mystery of the Bible’

Date: Monday 6th May 2019

Time: 7pm

Venue: St. Kevin’s Catholic,

36 Hillview Road, Eastwood

‘The Activated Disciple’ Talk

Date: Tuesday 7th May 2019

Time: 7.30pm

Venue: Our Lady of Lebanon,

40-46 Alice Street, Harris Park

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