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How to Date with Passion and Purpose: #8 Things every Catholic single must know before their first (or next) date!

Do you ever doubt that you will ever find that special person to fall in love with and marry? Do you doubt yourself and feel as though no one would ever want to be with you?

Do you fear rejection, doubt you will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and miss him or her? Maybe you feel like even if you did meet that special someone, you would ruin it because you don’t know what to do!

If you can relate to any of these fears, so can I! I had all of them. In this 10 part audio course, I will share how I lived out my singleness in preparation for my first dating relationship with Madeleine who is now my beautiful wife, and the mother of my 2 children. Our dating experience was magical, and I want you to experience the same in your dating relationship! I am going to share the #8 things that I did to help me move from being single to an intentional and meaningful first date!

If you want the same, download the course now and take the first step to your dream future marriage and family!


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