Joe Kaltoum

Joe Kaltoum is an ex Freemason who in 2011 uunderwent a conversion experience that brought him back to the Catholic Church. He was an active Freemason for 5 years eventually attaining the 30th degree, becoming a royal arch Mason and joined the Rosicrucians where he eventually was exposed to the occult. Joe has spoken about and is passionate about exposing the dangers of the teachings of Freemasonry and how they are the number one enemy of the Catholic Church. Joe will also share how Satan employs the teachings of Freemasonry to increase the culture war.

Most importantly Joe is married to his wife Connie, and they have two beautiful children Michael and Alyssa. Joe is currently undertaking a Bachelor of Theology with a Philosophy minor.

Joe is highlighting the following talks in 2014. to book Joe at your next event, click on the talk title.

1. Freemasonry, the Occult and I

Initiated into freemasonry in 2006, Joe spent the next 5 years delving into the teachings of the craft. Eventually it lead him to the Occult and it was after this that his eyes were open to the darker side of the craft. In this talk Joe speaks of his experience in Freemasonry and his eventual conversion back to the Catholic Church.

2. Satan's Master Plan - Freemasons, Communists and Protestants

In this talk Joe explains what Satan wants most of all, the way he has implemented this plan through history and what role freemasonry has played in this Diabolical plan.

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